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the cat is outta the bag // the bee is outta the hospital

This is a PSA.

Kids: stay in school and don’t do drugs.

That concludes the obligatory portion of this post. 

Most of you know that I’ve been “not well” but only a few of you knew how “not well” I was. The fact of the matter is that I was in the hospital and I fell pretty close to the flat line a few times—think internal bleeding, DIC, acute renal failure, general unpleasantness, etc.—and was revived at one point by an intracardiac injection.

That’s right folks. I was stabbed in the heart. Literally. Guys, I hate to say it, but there was nothing poetic about it. At all.

Anyway, I am home as of today, and although there is still a long road to “recovery” ahead, I’m officially out of the woods.

I refrained from issuing a PSA or something similar earlier for two reasons:

  1. bees are allergic to pity parties [please keep this in mind—it’s still allergy season] 
  2. I wanted to maintain a little corner of my world which was not touched by all the horribleness, a place where I could partially of “get away” from things, at least in view of the general public.

As for those who knew how “not well” I was, I do not think I will ever be able to express my gratitude sufficiently. You know who you are. Let’s face it. You are, for all intensive purposes, family at this point. [You’re stuck with me.]

The TWC—even those in the TWC who had no clue what was going on—has helped me through an extremely difficult time. This is a community, truly. A wonderful community filled with wonderful people [truly amazing writers]  that I am extremely grateful to be a part of.

So maybe we could all remember this? Less hate, more love and respect?

I’m going to wrap it up now— this whole PSA issuing thing is tiring business.But first I want to say one more thing—the most important part of this post:

Many a thanks and much gramercy to you all. [Apparently it’s too important to be said in normal people-speak! ;) ]

Cannot stress this enough, though: Thank you.

  1. desayunogratis said: Yup …. Wolf wears grin
  2. epea-pteroenta said: If I’d known, I would have done more. I will.
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    Mike’s Note: Took you long enough. ;) Seriously though, we’re very very glad Janie Bee.
  4. embeeness said: *sniff-sniff* Oh, Janie… loves and stuffs to you!
  5. freefallinletters said: We love you, Janie. So, so much. You’re the bravest bee I’ve ever known; it’s an absolute honor and a blessing to know you. All the hugs and love in the world from here. <3
  6. myphantomlimbs said: Sheesh. And now Dick Dale… is stuck in my head :p Glad you’re on the mend Girlie, take it slow : )x
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  8. virulent-tuber said: Here’s to your swift recovery! This is, by the way, well written, introspective and in stark contrast to some of the flagrantly self-adulating non-problem psa’s that are often bandied about here. Dignified and classy! Glad you had a support system.
  9. elzaro said: Glad to see you’re out of the hospital. best wishes.